Joshua Bourdage, Ph.D

 Lead Investigator

Josh is an Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychologist in the University of Calgary's Department of Psychology. Prior to coming to the University of Calgary, he worked at the University of Lethbridge (Calgary Campus) and University of Western Ontario. He teaches courses in Leadership, Motivation, and Performance Management at the undergraduate and graduate levels, actively collaborates with local organizations in both the for profit and not-for-profit sectors, and is committed to conducting high quality research. He is a born and bred Calgarian. 



Our Graduate Students


Stephanie Law

Ph.D Candidate

Stephanie was born and raised in Calgary, and completed her masters in 2014. She is currently involved in research examining impression management use in the employment interview. Her research interests are impression management, selection, and leadership. She has taught management courses at the University of Lethbridge (Calgary Campus). Outside of school, she enjoys travelling, hiking, working on art, and playing video and board games. 


Clara Lee

Ph.D Student

Clara came to the University of Calgary from Ontario in 2014 to complete her master's degree. Clara's research interests include personality, impression management, organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) motives, faking, and employment barriers to refugees. Currently she is involved in interview research to discern employment barriers to Syrian refugees. Outside of her academic work Clara likes to relax by watching Netflix, reading, and playing squash. 



Eden-Raye Lukacik (Raye)

Ph.D Student

Raye is originally from Calgary and completed her master's at the University in 2016. Raye's research interests include impression management, organizational attraction, and online recruitment and selection. Raye is currently examining the impact of leadership on subordinate impression management and investigating the use of video interviews in employee selection. Although she does not have spare time, Raye enforces a work-life balance by enjoying reading, board and video games, art, and kickboxing.


Tim Wingate

Ph.D Student

Tim came to the University of Calgary from New Brunswick to complete his master's degree in 2015. Tim's research interests include social cognitive (person-perception) processes in job interviews and interview design and structure. Tim's current projects involve integrating interview structure and goals, interviewer first impression bias, interviewer perceptions of applicant faking, and applicant impression management. Besides research, Tim also enjoys playing guitar, camping, cooking, and reading the classics. 



Our Research Assistants

Venus chiu

Venus is the Lab Coordinator and is currently finishing her degrees in Psychology and Business. She is interested in recruitment and selection, diversity, and cross-cultural research. In her spare time, she likes to paint, read, and swim.


Ore Oyewole

Ore is in the 4th year of her degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. Ore’s research interest revolves around interview impression management and workplace interpersonal relationship. She loves to travel and learn new languages. She is currently perfecting her fourth before moving on to the fifth!



Ioana petriman

Ioana recently graduated with a Honors degree in Psychology. Her research interests include impression management and personality. Outside of the lab, she enjoys music, movies, and hanging out with family and friends.


Carlo Isola

Carlo is wrapping up his degree in Psychology and Law and Society with a minor in Sociology. He is just becoming involved in the I/O field and is enjoying all the discipline has to offer, although the literature surrounding psychologically healthy workplace intrigues him. His hobbies include reading or listening to science fiction and fantasy books, playing video games, and weight lifting.




Malika Khakhar

Malika is interested in many I/O topics, and hasn't picked any favourites. Outside of the lab, Malika volunteers with the art program at the Calgary Drop-In Centre, she likes trying new food, and is a fan of horror films.


Alice Zhang

Alice is not quite sure of her preferred research area yet, but she is currently gaining some independent research experience with the lab. Outside of school work, Alice enjoys drawing, reading, and watching anime.



Amy Barron

Amy's research interests include all things I/O psychology. Amy is currently working on her honours thesis regarding interview goals and interview behaviour. Amy also enjoys playing video games, reading, and watching movies. 


Shaelyn Carr

Shaelyn is interested in criminal psychology and law. Shaelyn also enjoys travelling, snowboarding, and hiking. 




Mehnaz Rafi

Mehnaz's research interests include workplace transgressions, impression management, and employee psychological and physical well-being. When not occupied with school work or volunteering with the lab, Mehnaz likes to relax watching some quality Netflix programming - like Stranger Things.



Cassidy See

Cassidy's research interests are very broad and she is still working towards finding her research niche. Outside of her academic work, Cassidy enjoys hiking, biking, and reading.



amanda cha

Amanda is in the second year of her combined degree in Psychology and Philosophy. Her main interests of study are I/O Psychology, Philosophy of Science, and Epistemology. She is still exploring the vast field of I/O Psychology but is attracted to combining I/O Psychology and Philosophy in a fun way. Amanda is always enthusiastic for travelling, food, human rights issues, and good audio books.